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Morleo Editore

Corso Sidney Sonnino 129

70121 Bari - ITALY

tel: +39 3282094056

e.mail: email@morleoeditore.com

Mattia Vlad Morleo (born 10 October 2000) is an Italian composer and musician.

He was born in Fasano, Puglia, Italy. He began his musical studies at 8 years old, playing piano. Having a chance to be often in Salento, he knows closely the musical tradition of the area and he gets excited for the flute. With this instrument he begins the academic musical path at the Conservatory of Music "N. Piccinni in Bari.

His musical experiences are alternated with piano and flute also getting recognition in the field of composition. His work as a composer ranges from various musical genres and styles: pop, classical, rock, ambient and minimal.

On the Web with several of his compositions, in 2016 his popularity is growing significantly, invited by many of the world to write music for Radio, Short Films, Video Art and Advertising working with actors, directors and artists.
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